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What’s All the Buzz About Catamarans?

There are multiple considerations to ponder when comparing a catamaran versus a monohull. The catamaran design, two independent hulls connected by a bridge deck, has been around for thousands of years dating back to ancient civilizations.

Catamarans are already popular in other regions of the world, including Australia and South Africa. Demand in the US is increasing exponentially as designs become more aesthetically pleasing and inviting. The key advantages for a catamaran vs. monohull are glaringly obvious. In addition to increased square footage allowing for more social areas, cats offer improved stability and efficiency. Aquila power catamarans have enhanced these benefits further through innovative designs which enhance livability and luxury.

  • Increased Living Space

    Some studies have shown that there is 40% greater living space than in the same size monohull counterpart. Aquila has perfected the masterful use of space by creating staterooms inside the hulls which are private and spacious filled with natural light, generous headroom, and abundant storage. The extra width of the salon offers tremendous shared living space enhanced with design innovation and high-end amenities, ideal for entertaining.

  • Performance

    Whether boating in choppy lake waters or rolling seas, the catamaran also performs incredibly well. The faster you go with a cat, the softer the ride becomes. The engineered tunnel between the hulls is designed to reduce drag, increase lift, and cushion the ride delivering an exceptional experience with less chance of motion sickness. Raised bridge decks improve open-water performance. The level ride and transition from “on rest” to “on plane” is essentially nil as there is little to no change in pitch. 

  • Better Access

    To go with a shallower draft, catamaran owners can explore exciting destinations, like hidden coves and riding up on some beaches, that monohull owners can only dream of accessing. With almost 400 Aquila Power Catamarans already on the market, more and more marinas are accommodating this growing sector. With a little bit of planning, finding dockage is becoming more and more accessible as marinas upgrade their inventory to accommodate these larger boats.

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