Verifying Quality, Innovation, and Performance

Aquila has seen rapid growth and recognition on the global boating scene due to our reliable delivery on the promise of performance, innovation and quality. Find out what goes into launching each Aquila power catamaran.
  • An Aquila power catamaran being tested in the water
    Best explained by Head of Product Development and President, Lex Raas, “Defining performance is not just speed. Performance is everything from the way the boat handles rough seas to the fit and operation of a cabin door. It’s the line of sight to the transom corner when docking to the ability to access and service each mechanical component.” This definition of performance is the measure that each Aquila must reach. 

    To ensure this high bar is met, Aquila has made significant investments in factory floor testing stations. Everything from five axis routers to reduce play and tolerances to an in-ground test tank have been constructed within the factory to allow for efficient and complete testing. The test tank not only allows for live testing of all on board systems but is also equipped with a monsoon system that blasts, dumps and nozzles a high volume of water across the entire vessel allowing the team to check for leaks, disruptions in reliability, proper drainage and many more benefits that owners will appreciate.
  • An Aquila power catamaran being tested in the water
    Located adjacent to a commercial river, we have built our own tractor trailer and super-sized boat ramp that allows for on water testing of boats as large as the all-new 70’ power catamaran (the queen of the fleet). It is an extraordinary task to transport hundreds of vessels each year across the busy highway between the factory and the river and then down the ramp to launch each large boat for complete testing. In this environment with real conditions, proper temperatures can be reached and long runs completed to verify alignment, lack of vibrations and proper operation of all onboard systems. This is just another step in the process we are committed to so Aquila continues to deliver on its promise of peak performance for it enthusiastic owners.
  • Last in the quiver of quality efforts, Aquila spends hundreds if not thousands of hours validating and fine tuning new models. Some models may be in testing for many months before the first boat ever sees a consumer or marine industry editor. Chase boats, photographers, drone footage, technical validators and naval architects all play a role in the many aspects of testing and validation. Operating each boat with each engine configuration and then fine tuning propeller recommendations and determining fuel consumption, top speed, planning times and ultimately cruising range are just some of the data points that come from this testing. 

    While this is an extensive and expensive step in the process of creating reliable and quality products, it is an investment that has paid off as is evident by our rapid growth and global leader positioning in power catamaran development, production and sales. No doubt with over a dozen new models launching in the next two years, at Aquila we will continue to heavily rely on our committed team that validates, tests and assures the promises made are promises kept to the many excited new Aquila owners. 
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