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Cooking Aboard Your Aquila

While it’s more difficult to cook at sea than in your home kitchen, cooking on board your Aquila is made easier with these five easy tips and tricks:
  • Cooking on Aquila

    1. Plan Your Menu

    Whether you are heading out for a day with the kids and friends or cruising The Great Loop on a two-week trip, planning your meals reduces your time in the galley and instead maximizes your time out on the water and socializing. Think through each meal ahead of time, including the ingredients required, and write them down. Evaluate your equipment and kitchen tools for the meals you’ve chosen and review your storage capacity before heading to the supermarket to stock up on all the needed ingredients. 
  • Cooking on Aquila

    2. Meal Prep

    If you’ve chosen some more complex meals, try prepping some of the components at home and freeze them for later use, like stews, casseroles, sauces, and even desserts.  A frozen meal is the perfect solution to dining when it’s rough at sea or you’re exhausted at the end of a busy day yet you’re still craving a hot, home-cooked meal.
  • Cooking on Aquila

    3. Maximize Storage

    Some Aquila models come with spacious galleys with 360˚ views, strategically placed between the aft deck and the salon, so with a bit of strategizing, space should be sufficient. Consider investing in some space-saving, airtight storage containers that fit together well along with a collapsible silicone colander and nesting bowls. Accommodate food strategically in the fridge to minimize the need to open the door, with more frequently used items place on top or in front, easy to reach. 
  • Cooking on Aquila

    4. Kitchen Equipment

    Do you have all the tools you need for every meal you’ve planned? Don’t forget that every Aquila comes equipped with a Kenyon Electric Grill, the ideal grill for cooking from the comfort of your own boat. Learn how Dean masters cooking on board his Aquila 44 Yacht utilizing not only his built-in grill but other ‘must have’ cooking equipment as well. Make sure any dishes you’ve selected fit in the oven and away in the cabinetry when not in use.
  • Cooking on Aquila

    5. Manage Expectations

    Remember to just keep it simple! Just because a dish or recipe is easy, doesn’t mean it isn’t as tasty as more complicated dishes. Food always seems to taste better while out on the water, so why not just save the carefully planned dinner parties for home?
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