With the first Australian owned Aquila 44 powercat arriving in Fremantle and a further two ordered, Multihull Central’s Brent Vaughan takes a timely visit to the Sino Eagle production facility in China to witnesses first hand their big plans for the future.

As my last trip abroad for 2015, I was looking forward to seeing our first Aquila prior to shipping and handover in early 2016. I was accompanied by another customer and his family who have ordered the third Aquila 44 destined for Australia in mid-2016. Being the first Aquila charter boat in Australia, it will operate between the Whitsundays and Sydney Harbour. I was also keen to inspect number two boat that is currently midway through construction and due to arrive for her debut at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in May 2016.

My customers were eager to witness the production facility and test the newest Aquila 44 on the water, good timing as the boat was being tested prior to her shipment. With the factory located on the shores of a river flowing through Hangzhou (to the south west of Shanghai), each Aquila is thoroughly tested on the water prior to shipment, with a detailed quality control process being checked off, followed by testing by Volvo mechanics and an independent surveyor.

Before we sea trial the boat, a factory tour is organised where we witness again the very impressive quality control process. The build is closely monitored through all the various production milestones. All those visiting the Sino Eagle Factory are always pleasantly surprised by the incredibly professional approach this facility and its operators take, quality control is at the very heart of this vast production facility.


Take A Look Inside The Aquila Factory

"Resin infusion not only provides additional strength through a precise mix of resin to fiberglass reducing weight by extracting excess resin, it also has the added benefit of minimizing fumes"