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Aquila Essentials: Must-Have Water Toys to Amp Up the Fun Aboard Your Power Catamaran

Discover a new level of on-water adventure with Aquila Power Catamarans. Crafted with a keen understanding of how people desire to enjoy their boats, our power cat models go beyond mere cruising; they are thoughtfully designed to effortlessly accommodate a variety of premium water toys.

If you're seeking ways to enhance your time on the water, look no further. Teaming up with our partners at Aqua Flight, we've curated a collection of essential and remarkable water toys to heighten your boating adventure.

  • person using a seabob underwater


    Effortlessly slice through the waves or explore the depths below. The SEABOB, a fully submersible water scooter, becomes the ideal companion, unlocking a world of possibilities on any of the Aquila models. Picture this: following hours of angling (on the versatile Aquila 47 Molokai, naturally), you yearn for a more immersive experience with your fishy friends. Imagine pulling the SEABOB from the convenient in-deck storage and jumping in the water to glide gracefully on the waves or dive into the depths, embarking on a dynamic exploration of both worlds, above and below the waterline.

  • Person riding on an e-foil board

    Lift Foil

    Experience the thrill of Lift Foil—an electric-driven hydrofoil board that adds a new dimension to your time on the water. Assembled effortlessly onboard, the Lift Foil provides an unparalleled combination of speed and agility, without the noise. Much like Aquila's innovative Hydro Glide Foil System™, the hydrodynamic design of Lift Foil elevates riders above the waves, ensuring reduced drag and stability, particularly at higher speeds.
  • man wearing a cudajet in the water


    Meet the "Cudajet," the world's first underwater jetpack that brings a new dimension to your Aquila adventures. This luxury water toy offers a predator-like sensation as you effortlessly navigate the depths, experiencing the freedom of an underwater world. With its cutting-edge design and maneuverability, the Cudajet transforms ordinary water activities into extraordinary, unforgettable experiences.
  • person using a jet flyboard over the water


    Our favorite spot on the Aquila 42 Yacht is on the flybridge, where panoramic views of the sea unfold around you. But for those seeking a different perspective with the thrill of height, the Flyboard water toy adds an exhilarating dimension to your water adventures. Soar like a superhero and dive like a dolphin while enjoying an exclusive power catamaran ride into the vast blue. Learning to Flyboard is a breeze; within five minutes, most are soaring above crystal blue waters. So, whether you fancy the flybridge's elevated perch or the dynamic playfulness near the waterline, this perfect pairing ensures you don't have to sacrifice either.
  • YuJet surfboard

    Yujet Electric Surf

    Glide effortlessly over the waves at 24 miles per hour with the Yujet Electric Surf. Similar to many Aquila models, such as the Aquila 70 Luxury, this marvel boasts a sleek, lightweight design featuring carbon fiber construction, ensuring unmatched agility and control, letting you carve through the surf with precision. Step off the swim platform of your Aquila Power Catamaran and experience the thrill of riding this high-performance electric surfboard. The real highlight? A generous 40 minutes of ride time lets you savor the joy and adrenaline of surfing the waves.

With this premium selection of water toys, brought to you by Aqua Flight, redefine on-water fun aboard your Aquila Power Catamaran. From underwater exploration to thrilling hydrofoil adventures, Aqua Flight offers diverse activities to elevate your experience. Explore more options to enhance your Aquila adventure with Aqua Flight.

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