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The People Behind the Brand

As we wrap up our 10th-anniversary celebration, we'd be remiss if we didn't recognize the key players who played such a pivotal role in Aquila's growth to become the world's No. 1 power catamaran brand. With over 500 Aquilas sailing the globe today and exceptional new models and technologies on the horizon, including the introduction of hybrid power, discover the intriguing backstories of how these pioneers set the pace for this world-class leading brand of power catamarans.

  • Lex Raas

    Lex Raas

    As the visionary behind Aquila, Lex Raas is an integral part of the company. Currently serving as President of Aquila at MarineMax, Lex has a knowledge-intensive boat-developing background and has gone to great lengths to be the successful leader he is today. After years of a successful and impressive career in the charter industry, designing yachts, and essentially reinventing the sailing catamaran, Lex predicted the next big thing and brought together a group of like-minded and talented individuals to create Aquila.
  • Alain Raas by the water

    Alain Raas

    As the Aquila Brand Manager, Alain Raas is tasked with the continuation of growth for the brand, coordinating efforts directly between Sino Eagle Yacht Company and MarineMax. Being a lifetime boater, competitive sailor, and successfully crossing the transpacific has provided Alain with a wealth of boating knowledge. His experience on and off the water allows for a versatile approach to promoting the brand and the ability to continue to build upon the success of Aquila well into the future.
  • Frank Xiong

    Frank Xiong

    President and Managing Director for Sino Eagle Yacht Company, Frank Xiong, is a pivotal piece of the Aquila puzzle and works with Lex Raas and the rest of the Aquila team to build world-class power catamarans. After gaining extensive knowledge of advanced composite materials used in boats, as well as overseeing international sales, business development, and supervising business operations within his career, Frank’s manufacturing expertise has helped grow Aquila Power Catamarans into the successful company it is today.
  • Jean Raas

    Jean Raas

    As a lifetime boater and former competitive member of the U.S. Olympic Sailing Team, Jean Raas has a passion for the water and is currently the Managing Director of Sino Eagle USA. While overseeing and managing all operations with the southeastern office in the U.S., Jean plays an integral role in the design and development of all Aquila models. Working closely with designers and the factory team, Jean's main task within the company is to ensure project goals are met while offering dealer and marketing support. Transforming a vision in design to a product launching on the water is his passion.
  • Dave Bigge

    Dave Bigge

    As a life-long boating enthusiast and 30-year industry veteran, Dave Bigge, Vice President of Aquila International Sales and MarineMax Vacations, is currently tasked with growing distribution outside the U.S. Dave’s wealth of dealership operations as well as brand development knowledge contributes to the fundamental role he plays in the international growth of Aquila.
  • Chuck Cashman

    Chuck Cashman

    Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President at MarineMax, Chuck Cashman, has decades of experience within the boating industry and is also an active Board Member of the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA). Since 1998, Chuck has been with MarineMax and has held numerous positions within the business on all levels. In addition to his primary focus on increasing revenue, he also touches on marketing-related tasks, brand selection, and anything that is revenue-related or generating, such as the company’s strong association as the exclusive global dealer for Aquila Power Catamarans.
With such collective knowledge and experience all around within the boating industry, there’s no question why Aquila is the number one brand in its segment, pushing the limits on innovation and making waves in water across the world. Are you ready for your own Aquila? See these stunning Aquila models that are available from MarineMax today.
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