Here, at Aquila, we know even the most seasoned boaters sometimes get stumped. There are so many variables to the maritime equation that it’s wholly understandable—completely expected, even—that the modern yachtsman may find him or herself mired in piles of marine queries without the bandwidth to research the answers on their own. Seriously, who’s got the time? But we’ve got a solution—a hired gun, with years of professional yachting experience, here to respond to all your on-the-water inquiries with the assuredness and expertise you expect from Aquila. It’s Captain Eagle to the rescue!

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Where Can You Purchase an Aquila?

Find out where you can find your next Aquila Power Catamaran.
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Aquila factory exterior with boats outside

Where Aquila Power Catamarans Are Made

Get an insider's peek into the process and facilities where our power catamarans come to life.
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Aquila model in the water with the sun shining on it

Aquila Models with Hydrofoil

Check out the Aquila models that can have Hydrofoil.
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Aquila model at a Marinemax location dock

Technical Assistance

Learn how you can get technical assistance with your Aquila.
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Aquila 42 Yacht and 47 Molokai renderings

New Aquila Models

Get a sneak peak of the new Aquila models coming soon.
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The Design and Engineering Behind Aquila

Learn about the design and engineering of our Aquila models.
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Three images of different Aquila models in the water

Aquila Boats Performance in Varying Sea Stories

The focus is always on performance and specifically how the boats perform in any condition.
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storage in an Aquila

Storage Offered on an Aquila

Aquila Power Catamarans offer a wide range of storage solutions.
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Aquila model running in the water with wake behind

After-Market Hydro Glide Foil System™

Some Aquila models can be retrofitted with after-market HydroFOILS.
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Aquila model in a boat lift

Storing an Aquila Power Catamaran

Learn how you can store your Aquila model.
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view of the Aquila factory from above

How Long Aquila Has Been Around

For the last decade, Aquila has made impressive strides.
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Aquila Power Catamaran in the water with Aquila and MarineMax flags next to it

Where To Purchase an Aquila

Learn where you can purchase an Aquila Power Catamaran of your own.
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How Components are Selected for Aquila Boats

Aquila picks the highest quality parts for their boats.
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Transportation vessel for Aquila boats

Transporting Aquila Boats from the Factory

See how Aquila Boats get from the factory to you!
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Aquila model in the water with view of bridge deck

Bridge Decks on Aquila's

Read why Aquila raised the bridge decks on their models.
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Interior of Aquila Model

Can I Choose Options for my Aquila?

Aquila models have options to fit your lifestyle.
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Group of Aquila models lined up in factory

Why Aquila Keeps Growing the Model Lineup

See the logic behind Aquila continuing to grow their model lineup.
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Two Aquila models driving next to each other in the water

Why Outboard Power

Check out why Aquila chose outboard power on the Sport Line.
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Aquila model driving in the water

The Bulbous Bow

The Bulbous Bow helps reduce drag and improves fuel efficiency.
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Aquila model running in the water with wake behind

Our Hydro Glide Foil System™

Learn how our HydroGlide Foil system™ makes our models soar!
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Interior of Aquila Catamaran

Living Aboard an Aquila

Learn what makes Aquila such a liveaboard experience!
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Aquila catamaran in the water by the shore

Catamaran vs. Monohull

Learn some facts about the differences between a catamaran and a traditional monohull!
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