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    Why would I choose the Hydro Glide Foil System™ for my Aquila?

You’d choose Aquila’s Hydro Glide Foil design for the same reason you’d choose someone to be a good friend—in short, they both lift you up. Take the Aquila 36 Sport for example. With foils added to that model’s bottom, the boat instantly rises higher out of the water than it would sans foil. This creates an effect like a magic carpet. All boats float (y’ know, hopefully), but the Aquila 36 Sport really floats.

The reduced drag created by the foil translates to a 35-40-percent improvement in fuel efficiency at cruise speeds, which in turn makes your buck at the fuel pump go a lot farther. The foils also help the boats go faster at their top-end when paired with the 300hp Mercury V8 engines—this particular model can hit 36 knots with the hammer down. The foils, currently available on the 36 Sport and 42 Yacht, help reduce wear & tear on the engine too—because you are able to reduce the engine load while cruising. This ultimately results in your engines being happier and spending more time with you on the water.

The foils help with seakeeping too and may make the jump from a monohull to a cat a bit less daunting. Whereas some catamaran hull designs can heel outward during sharper turns, Aquilas with the Hydro Glide Foil System™ installed, the hulls will heel into a turn, much like a traditional monohull. So the seakeeping may make some newer cat owners feel a lot more at ease—much like a good friend would.

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