Commercial Power Catamaran

Aquila Commercial represents the perfect blend of incredible power cat stability, efficient operation and passenger well-being.  The fusion of these elements and Aquila’s meticulous build process delivers a power cat that is proven to endure various boating conditions with ease, comfort and long term durability.

Passenger Comfort

Aquila Commercial Shuttle 36  can be customized for a wide range water shuttle operation.  Seating configurations are adaptable with varying levels of luxury for the operator’s requirement and can accommodate 5 to 36 passengers.  Options include to include Water Taxi, Scuba and Patrol vessels.  Options also allow for fully enclosed air conditioned decks or partially enclosed decks.

Operator Efficiency

Efficiency and performance work together on the Aquila Commercial 36 for a safe, reliable cruising operation in all sea conditions.  Power catamaran advantages over a monohull includes delivering a stable, comfortable cruising experience for passengers while providing operators with a safe, cost effective water transportation vessel.  Dual engine outboard options are available with varying HP to meet your specific water transportation needs.


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